Mastermind 2020

March 25, 2020


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Come join NFL SuperBowl Champion turned 7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur and his secret weapon Global Marketing Agency Owner Joe Dickinson for a 1 Day Business Mastermind Event.

Come join NFL SuperBowl Champion turned
7 Figure Serial Entrepreneur and his secret weapon Global Marketing Agency Owner Joe Dickinson for a 1 Day Business Mastermind Event.

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Was this event

Made for YOU?

This full day immersive event is focused on helping YOU get clear on your vision, step into the highest version of yourself, and bring your businesses to a whole new level in 2020.

Topics we will be covering:

  • ✅ Getting clear on your 2020 roadmap
  • ✅ Being an incredible family man / father
  • ✅ How to create a bulletproof mindset
  • ✅ How to create balance between business & family
  • 💰 How to launch a new business (if you don't already have one)
  • 💰 How to solve specific issues in your current business
  • 💰 Creating and implementing solutions for your business
  • 💰 Marketing strategies to dominate your niche
    • 📧 Email marketing
    • 💬 FB ChatBot Marketing
    • 👍 Facebook / Google / YouTube Ads / Retargeting
    • 🌪️ FUNNEL Building / Lead Gen
  • ...and really anything else that has to do with you leveling up as a person + bringing your business to the next level. 🔥


The Coaches


You more than likely know my story, spent 10 years in the NFL, won a Super Bowl and then journeyed into the entrepreneurial world. I’ve launched several 7 figure businesses, am obsessed with becoming the absolute best husband to my wife Laura, and father to my 5 incredible kids.

My goal is to help current and future entrepreneurs all over the world start, grow & or scale their business(es) and sharpen their mindset to create total freedom in their lives. For me, it creates time and value with your family and that, I believe, is the greatest gift we can not only give, but receive.


I’m 29 years old (shit I’m almost 30), grew up in northern New Jersey, and now live with my wife and dog down in south jersey (and we are expecting our first child, super excited for that). I own a marketing agency which is located in Ocean City, NJ and absolutely love waking up every day and helping my clients start, grow & scale their business(es).

Over the last 2 years, I’ve built a multi 7 Figure marketing agency, serve over 15,000+ customers on a monthly basis through the various services and softwares I offer, and consult for companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world.To say I live the dream life, is an understatement. I wake up every day with a massive smile on my face and energy like you wouldn’t believe.

Now it’s time to serve you. Let’s GO!


Event Schedule


9 AM

Just as you’d expect, we’re gonna do some introductions. This way, Joe and I can get to know you better, along with the group getting acquainted with each other. The cool thing is, the group as a collective will be able to offer so much value to each other.



10 AM

(Where the value really starts flowing…) So our core focus for this 2 day event is to identify your exact problems, road blocks, struggles and offer exact, action focused solutions. This is the phase where we are going to dig in with you, hear out your issues, and then start crafting up solutions to those issues.



For those of you that join us, we’re gonna be serving up steaks and smoothies for lunch to fuel up, while giving you an opportunity to hang out with Steve for a few minutes while we take a break together.



1 PM TIL' -

Let’s get intimate. Just kidding, but seriously. 1 on 1 time is going to be an absolute game changer for you, as it gives Joe and I the time to sit with you, 1 on 1 and dial in on you, and only you. That could mean we are talking through stuff, or maybe you’ve got your computer out showing Joe or myself exact issues you’re having or questions you have. We get down and dirty here, and you’ll walk out of this session with some serious clarity on how to move forward.




The training/mentoring & coaching doesn’t stop. Once you’ve gotten home and had time to digest everything, Joe and I both know you’ll have some additional questions, ideas to run by us. We will be doing a live call with y’all to get any additional questions answered, and go over any other ideas you’ve had since leaving my house.



9 AM

My boy JD is gonna open up the day, as we’re going deep on marketing and business tactics today. He’s the best I know who knows how to do it all, literally.



10 AM

Get your notepads out, it’s about to get wild. Based on what Joe and I heard from day 1, Joe will have a presentation properly preprared and laid out that makes sense for all y’all, as a group collective. So this won’t be a generic, “email marketing” training session for example, but rather a custom fit group coaching session that Joe is going to go DEEP with, training y’all on business topics that directly relate to you / the group. Could that be email? Sure, but I’m just driving the point home, that the content will be dialed into YOU.



11 AM

Ya boi is about to rock the mic’ and talk about personal branding. As you know, it doesn’t really matter what business you’re building (or want to build), building a personal brand in tandem is an absolute MUST to crush it moving forward. People buy into PEOPLE, and I’m going to show you exactly what I did to build my brand as big as I did and show you exactly how you can too.





1 PM TIL' -

This is my favorite part about the 2 days, because you’re gonna walk away from this with COMPLETE and total clarity on what your next steps are. Because Joe and I have already spent a day with you, we’ve prepared custom plans designed specifically for you. Joe might show up with a funnel, or even a roadmap on your next steps to scale your biz. I’ll have notes written down for you as it relates to your pain points and specific solutions. This is where the big $$$ is, let’s go!!



Coaching / Consulting Clients

I started working with Joe in the beginning of 2018. At that point I was making about $20k/month with my company.

He came in, and did a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t really understand at the time. Building funnels, connecting emails to them, sending out text message automated messages, retargeting people on Facebook, the whole 9.

Long story short, my income grew to over $150,000/month at its peak in 2018 and continued in 2019.

This guy is a wizard, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have him as a friend and business partner.

Mike Beal
(7 Figure Entrepreneur)

“Men, in particular get around Steve Weatherford.

He is nothing but gold when it comes to the value and the wisdom that he is able to share through his journey.

He’s dependable, you can count on him, he will be there. He inspires people to live the life they were born to love. Love you brother.”

Joel Marion

I brought Joe on to build out a marketing system software that I can offer to my coaching students. He not only developed the entire thing, he did it quickly, and I was blown away by the knowledge this guy had in not only building the software out, but then making it extremely easy for my members to use.

It didn’t stop there, he then helped me grow by coaching business, and we did over 4 million in revenue with that one coaching program alone.

What a savage, thanks Joe!

Matt Graham
(7 Figure Online Entrepreneur)

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John Scott


Event Tickets

NOTICE: When 8 slots have been filled,
event registration will be closed immediately.
5/8: Slots Available
Full Day Immersive Event
1 Hour Post Event Team Meeting
Steak & Smoothie Lunch
Access To Private FB Support Group
($1200 value)
1 Hour of 1 on 1 Post Event Coaching with Steve
($500 value)
1 Hour of 1 on 1 Post Event Coaching with Joe
($500 value)
Receive Exact & Proven Funnel Templates Built by Joe
($3500 value)


+ Exclusive benefits

Register Before MARCH 21

NOTICE: When 10 slots have been filled,
event registration will be closed immediately.
6/10: Slots Available
Full Day Immersive Event
Steak & Smoothie Lunch


Register After MARCH 21

NOTICE: When 10 slots have been filled,
event registration will be closed immediately.
6/10: Slots Available


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